Friday, January 14, 2005

Imagine Dat!

February 8th, 2005 LA Dia Blesse the Clone!
A modern woman , with a raste for the exotic,
She's in Brazil, New Orleans and Trini oui!

6 pictures for you 6 pictures for you 6 pictures for you and Trini oui!
Key in design is the ability to indulge in 'Flights of Fancy.' I have been introducing my son to folk lore , mas and other cultural characters for the last few years! the creatures who scared me as a kid fascinates him. "but ma that will be a cool super hero" speaking of Soucouyant'sability to shed her skin and become aball of fire! Perspective?So what if La dia blesse were A super hero?she'd have powers of "Super Travel"Huh?Well her options would be Cloning, Multidimensional travel and Time Travel!Huh?Cloning...She could be the same place @ once, same moment different parts of earthMulti-demensional travel... parrallell universe or realms, same moment different worlds !Time travel ... be able to access the past of future, same place different time.Right, except you could time travel and clone, or travel across dimensions @ the same time!Huh?Just Imagine Dat ma!So I didNow any true trini wil travel across continents, dimensions and tome for he/she mas! And La Dia Bless is no exception!
In Brazil her costume sheer tulle with gold embellished flounces
In new orlean... Green, Purple and Gold for this reveller
In Trini Style... She must "explatiate"
If yuh playing mas with this, red painted, she devil Yuh can't '"fraid glitter"

Bikini Mas is responsible for lack of creativity?

a picture for you DAT is B..Ss! The lack of creativity has been blamed on the Public's demand for "naked mas' . I came across this photo while putting together ny portfolio, so this is what I'll do using this pattern as a base I will create various Mas costume concept!Imagination creativity and skill is what counts!. IN any design busines this is what happens when you refuse to hire trained and/or gifted professional designers! Feel free to leave a note or a challenge of your own. Give me a topic let's see some design!

Naijalife magazine editor in an BSS original design

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Mas in To'ng

Well since then All dem creatures some how fin' demselve all over de world. Imagine de Baccanal, when de meet up in de gran Stan' Ah here de all planin' to Storm de Savannah
Is Soucouyant vs Soucouyant.
And Every douen for heself!
An I In front to see Bois vs. Bois!BoisVS. bois


La Dia Bless and Soucayant

La Dia Blesse
La Dia blesse

An' Soucouyant!
Dey wasn't always name dat
Yuh? know! But dat is ah Story in its(self!
Them sis'tas dem, was some pretty gal oui.
Dey only turned, after messin ' with Papa Bois
Lawd, now ah know Yuh wanna her' dat story,
Let's just say,
Dey cause de duoens dem feet to turn,
One ah de sistas by night does burn
And the other end up wid ,l Ah hoof instead of ah foot 4~hey end up in the -woods nex: to y~ o;nh,~:~
,0 Next tIme s'ugar plum,

Duoen And Dem

No one knows who came.first,
Papas Bois or dem Duoens dem,
Dey say,
dem duoens dem
Was quick ah wit,
In de day. Dem did tended de animals dem .
An' at night,
dem did play
But de sound dey did mek
Kept dem fas ' eyeded people away
Dey was de souls of dem dat died young
them was de only ones
Who dey could be trust to guard Dem valuable treasure,
0' de land dey now call Africa!
Dem was perfect ah form,
Ah sight tuh behold!
Dat is before de coming 0' the Sistas La Dia Blesse an' Sott.couyant

Papa Bois Comin'

Papa Bois COmln . ."
Papa Bois comin'! Lawd ha' mercy!
Papa bois comin'!
Dey say he looking for La Dia Blesse
Andcouyant wid he too!

Deep in the jungles of, what is, Africa, Long b'fore anyone can remember,
There was Papa Bois,
Dat was ah man, ah tal' solid black man, --
Strai'ht from the mudder land
Skin scorched by the African sun!
Shoulders broad, chest full!
Ah bet he had locks, yea oui
'e was the gua'ddian of de woods
Massa o'er all ah de sa'red forest,
Den crea tures such as monkey, an' lion, Yea even Anansi
From the grass on the plains, To the mightiest trees!
He knew the secrets of it's soil And protected it's treasures! Now the forest was vast
But Papa Bois had help, yuh see Only those who could wear
The cloak of gatekeeper were let in
But only those who outwitted Papas Bois Were ever let out! Yea oui!
In dat forest also lived de innocents, Magical creatures, called douens,
And very few got past, because of them! It was said that they led many
Around and around and around In an aimless trail
That always ended exactly where it began.

Da Saggas continue

In the land of the three hills, La Trinite Children travel in groups,
Men, who don't even smoke, carry lighters!
Women sleep with salt near their beds!
And everyone swears they know
Who Papa Bois is!
I have few memories of my grandparents when I was a little girl
Trips to the country were filled
With strange sounds, sights and smells
The oral traditions were passed, “From one generation to the next,
Voiced from memories.
Woven with modern reference Embellished, with experience, each new griot, passed along
In her unique syntax
Colored by the lingo of her time ---,
And the rhythm of her peers
Da Saggas of ancestry!
This is my version --',
A tribute
To a long line of story tellers before me
Who boldly carried the seeds of the Sagas across oceans,
And through difficult, even perilous times!
It has become a legacy to my son Connecting me as woman, mother, Daughter, sister, friend, Lover and soldier
Weaving as it were history, folklore, Imagery and wisdom And Yes Sometimes good old fashion Gossip ..